What Is Discord And Make Money With Discord

With over a quarter of a billion users, Discord is one of the most popular ways gamers communicate online. Discord lets friends communicate directly via voice, video, or text, and join servers where larger communities can interact together.

Gaming is definitely Discord’s focus, at one point the service even gave free away PC games to paid subscribers before realizing it couldn’t beat Steam. However, any online community can take advantage of the features Discord offers. More on its other uses in a bit.

How You Can Make Money From a Discord Server

Each of these methods involves a particular strategy to be effective which we explain below. We will also show you how to implement these monetization strategies without making your community angry and lose people.

#1 — Accept Donations from People Who Want to Support Your Community

If you have a large community, people already appreciate what you are doing and some will be more than happy to support you financially. Give these grateful community members an opportunity to give back by accepting donations.

Accepting donations is easy. You can simply provide a link to a PayPal account or you could set up a Patreon account to offer all kinds of perks to people that support you.

Don’t worry — you don’t need to be a non-profit to accept donations. Just make sure people know the money they give is not tax deductible.

#2 — Create Private Areas for Patreon Supporters Only

If you or other members are thought leaders or experts in your community, some of your members may really appreciate having greater access to you and your knowledge.

What you can do is set up private areas within your Discord server for supporting members only. If someone donates a certain amount one time (or every month or yearly or whatever you decide), give them access to this special area where they can ask direct questions and get fast answers.

You can also use this area to offer more advanced tips, guides, or other information that you don’t offer elsewhere on your server. Make sure the value is high and you are providing information your supporters really want. If you aren’t sure what they want or would pay for, just ask them!

Don’t worry about non-paying members getting bent out of shape at not having access to this special info. Keep providing your free members with a great community and explain this extra info or access to you takes time and it is only fair that experts get compensated for that. Any reasonable person will understand.

#3 — Make the Entire Server for Paid Members Only

Perhaps you want to make an entirely different server that is just for paid members. No problem! Keep your free server going and then just set up a new one for paid members with any additional features or perks you want to offer them. In some circumstances, this might be easier to manage than having free and paid areas on the same server. Since it is so easy to set up new servers on Discord and its free, why not?

#4 — Get Sponsorships from Businesses

If you have a popular niche community of people, businesses will absolutely want to have access to them. So instead of dealing with sneaky businesses that try to infiltrate your community for free, offer them access in exchange for money.

There are lots of different ways you can do this so that it is a win-win-win situation for you, the advertiser, and your community. You could give businesses their own area to promote products and services and answer questions from your community. You could set up bots that automatically advertise for your business partners at certain intervals.

How you do it is really up to you. The strategic way is always to think win-win and how a business can actually provide value to your community instead of merely bombarding them with ads. Smart businesses will know it is far better to build relationships by providing what the community really values.

#5 — Sign Up with a Discord Ad Network

Just like for websites, you can now join advertising networks that service Discord.

Here is one called Discord Advertiser. All you do is register with the company, install their Discord bot, configure your server and set ad rates, and start earning money. There are all sorts of ways to customize the service to work best with your server.

#6 — Make a Bot with Free and Paid Features

Bots are an amazing feature of Discord and can provide a ton of value and functionality. Why not earn money by providing a great bot that really helps your community?

You could make a bot that serves the unique needs of people in your community and charge for the whole thing. Or you could make a bot with certain features that are free and then features that require payment. This freemium model is a great way to let people try your bot for free and build trust.

Just think of needs in your community that aren’t being met and make a list. See which ones can be served by a bot. If you aren’t sure of what needs aren’t being met, just ask your community! Tell them you want to make a bot but would really like their input on what they would want in one. By doing this, you are doing free market research!

If you can program, create the bot yourself. If not, you can find developers at places like Upwork.

#7 — Charge to Advertise Other Discord Servers

There are probably lots of other Discord servers your community members may be interested in joining that aren’t direct competitors with you. Why not charge them to advertise to your community?

Think about how many other Discord servers you have personally joined. Did you know that Discord allows people to join up to 100 servers??

All you need to do is think of other servers you yourself have joined or would be interested in joining that are related to the interests of your community. Contact other Discord server owners about advertising possibilities.

Here’s another idea: simply offer to swap advertising — they advertise for your server and you advertise for theirs. That is a great way to build your community fast without spending any advertising money!

#8 — Offer Affiliate Products to Your Community

The people in your community buy products. Most likely lots of things. Why not offer them links to products you can get a commission for?

The trick here is being open and upfront with your community and actually offering them affiliated products and services that they love and provide great value.

One strategy is to simply make a resources area, or a page on a website you link to, with products you recommend. For instance, if you are a gamer, make a list of some of the equipment you personally love and link to it on Amazon through their affiliate program. Then tell your community about this list of equipment and when they follow the links and purchase, you get a commission.

Just remember to always be honest and give your community high quality recommendations so you don’t lose their trust. And try to partner with good vendors that won’t overcharge your community members. Some affiliate partners may even be willing to provide discounts for your community members which is awesome!

#9 — Run Paid Competitions

Here is an idea I got from a YouTuber. Run some sort of competition, charge a small fee for entrance (say $1), and then let winners get a percentage of the entry fee. There will be many people in your community who will love competing in an event to show off their skills and won’t mind paying a very small fee to participate. You can even reward the top 3 or so finishers to make participants feel they have a better shot at winning something.

If you have a gaming community, you could run a contest for the best gameplay video, the best strategy someone shares, or best participation for the month in your guild.

If you have trouble coming up with ideas for a contest, just ask your community what they would enjoy.

#10 — Direct Community to a Website with More Information or Paid Services

If the Discord server itself is a bit limiting, you can always create a website where you can offer in-depth tutorials, guides, or recommended products as ways to make money. Websites are easy to build these days and creating paid areas for members is no problem with plugins like MemberPress or Restrict Content Pro. You can create provide videos, webpages, or really anything that some members of your community wouldn’t mind paying to have access to. Just find out from your community what help you might be able to provide them, create something, and then profit!